Art Direction / Graphic Design / UK / 2015


From concept to completion, Maple offers a total service including surveys, design, structural calculations, manufacture and installation. The company aimed to demonstrate that they are experts in the field. Their brand didn’t portray the experimental and playful nature of their portfolio and working culture.  I needed to portray their personable approach to working with clients and their knowledge and experience.

Maple is a leading provider of solar shading solutions for the construction industry. The core of a solar control solution is to optimize the flow of heat and light energy to cool buildings in summer and insulate them in winter. The light and shadow became a key motivator for Maple’s brand identity. The company's motto is bringing visions to reality'. Following this sentence, I used bold color and geometric shapes to create a stand-out brand. 

I’ve designed a clean, minimal and yet distinctive identity, putting emphasis on their new logo. A clean and defined color palette was chosen, allowing the orange to stand out and inject personality. In the design process, I came up with a simple and easily recognizable shape of the letter “A” which represent architecture.