My name is Milena. I'm a Polish designer based in London.

My work is diverse, ranging from conventional identities, logotypes to web design and packaging design.


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I‘ve worked for a full range of clients covering most sectors and some well-known brands.

I’ve got my MA degree in Visual Communication and Packaging Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław in 2014.

During this time I worked pretty much full time in design and creative roles whilst balancing work and study. Those experience gave me an understanding of how to project must be run and how to work within the team.



GSK / 2017-2018 / Brand Identity

Scholl / 2017 / Packaging design

Toni & Guy / 2016 / Packaging design for Hair Care Products

Rusk / 2016 / Packaging design for Hair Care Products

BaByliss / 2016 / POS display, Oxford Street London

Cuisinart / 2016 / Logo design for Signature Collection

Schweppes / 2016 / Label design for bottle

Hoegaarden / 2016 / Label design for can

Cubanisto / 2016 / Label design for can

Sprite / 2016 / Set of icons for campaign

Lenor / 2016 / Point of sale design

Toshiba / 2014 / Packaging design for batteries



Personal I'm a lover of typefaces, geometry shapes and clean, minimalist style.

I have never limited myself to one area of interest in Design and have always enjoyed learning as much as possible. My designs are also influenced by my passion for drawing and painting. I love traveling and meet new people.